The Relaxed Classroom    -  Calm in the Classroom                                              Grades 2-6

The Relaxed Classroom® program was designed specifically for teachers, psychologists and education professionals who wish to reduce stress, promote peacefulness and improve retention in the classroom and therapeutic settings alike. This innovative program is perfect for progressive schools and community initiatives where teachers want to bring stress management tools into the classroom experience to improve learning, peer relationships and have happier, more focused children.


  • Helps increase self-esteem
  • Improves improve focus and concentration
  • Promotes goal achievement
  • Includes mindful awareness training


    The Relaxed Classroom® gives professionals all the tools necessary to teach stress management and relaxation. Motivational worksheets, inspirational games, beneficial exercises and fun class projects are included in this easy-to-use, instruction-packed 36-page manual.

    Instructors will also have 6 audio meditations to choose from – including our ‘Inner Calm’ CD plus the ‘Treasure Chest Meditation’ and ‘Peaceful Floating Dandelion’ audio meditation – for use in the classroom or in your office. Also choose from 6 mind-body relaxation introductions and 10 guided-imagery quick scripts. Everything is completely laid out for you – all you have to do is select and read! 

    Who is this program for?

    The Relaxed Classroom® is intended for classrooms, after-school programs and child-focused groups, grades 2-6. Teachers will find this program extremely valuable for teaching self-improvement and school success while counselors will find it a valuable tool to help children heal from life challenges and low self esteem. It is effectively for use during circle time, gym classes, homeroom period and school counseling sessions. 

    Full Program $75.00 includes

         Downloadable PDF program file & 6 MP3s:

     Inner Calm full CD in MP3 format plus Treasure Chest MP3 Meditation and Peaceful Floating Dandelion MP3 Audio

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    Scripts Included in the Program: 

    1. Classroom relaxation
    2. Heighten self-esteem
    3. Study retention
    4. Improve focus and concentration
    5. Class balance and harmony
    6. Stop bullying
    7. Achievement
    8. Stress management
    9. Improve peer relationships
         and much more!
    Our Inner Calm Mp3 download which consists of 4 audios is inlcuded as part of your package.
    1. 6 minute relaxation allows your students to quickly experience stress relief and inner calm through progressive relaxation.
    2. 10 minute Island Relaxation takes the children to an Island get away through the visualization relaxation technique where relaxation, calm and self control are all within reach.

    3. ABC Meditation helps kids and teens alike learn how to easily achieve DIY meditation in 10 minutes with a simple and fun acronym so they can achieve deep inner calm, anytime, anywhere.

    4. Bonus audio of 15 minute version of ABC Meditation.

    Who’s using our CDs?

    Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School - San Francisco CA

    Madison Metropolitan School District Madison WI.

    Forest Lake Area School Forest Lake, MN 55025

    Special Education Dept. Byron County School district Black Creek, GA

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