Become a Children's Relaxation Teacher and Teach the Next Generation!

Are you ready to make an amazing difference in the lives of children and help them gain confidence, self esteem and tools they need to thrive in life? 


Just imagine all those smiling, happy faces and all the lives you'll touch as you share kids' relaxation techniques, stress busting tools and help kids learn valuable emotional literacy skills through games, guided imagery and fun activities in your relaxation classes. These are skills they'll use throughout their entire lives. Imagine making such a HUGE difference in the lives of these children. Imagine the impact on the world! 


We can help you achieve your dream! Whether you’re looking to start a new business, increase your offerings, or teach children you already council, we invite you to train with us! 

In our dynamic kids' relaxation teacher training which can be done completely online, you will learn children's relaxation techniques, stress management techniques for kids, how to use age-appropriate guided imagery and your own special voice to induce relaxation in children. You'll learn self-esteem and relaxation games, movement exercises, calming techniques, how to help children increase self-esteem and more!

You will receive everything you need to begin teaching children's relaxation and meditation methods right after graduation. All the children's relaxation training, start-up class lesson plans, relaxation scripts you need, plus a suggested business guide to get started teaching your passion! 


BE and TEACH that positive change!


What your Children's Relaxation Training Includes:

  • Complete Teachers Training Manual - PDF
  • Suggested Kid's Business set up help manual - PDF
  • Full Detailed Lesson Plans
  • Full online Audio Training
  • 5 CDs for your Kid's Relaxation Classes
  • Printable Handouts & Activity Sheets
  • Professional Editable Brochure
  • Personalized Certificate mailed to your home
  • Study online from anywhere!
  • Receive personalized support throughout your training
  • Personal Growth and support on your journey as a teacher of Kid's Relaxation
Denise Davis' class in Falmouth, MA. MDC & Yoga Therapy

What will you learn?

  • Children's Stress Management Techniques and how to teach them
  • Correct breathing for children's well being and health
  • Breathing and Relaxation Exercises
  • How to teach kids to be Self Confident
  • How to help children relax themselves
  • Age appropriate guided visualization and how to use it with children
  • Movement and FUN games that are cooperative and spirited!
  • All about kid's self talk and how to help them change negative self talk
  • Positive affirmations and how to use them with kids and teach kids to use them by themselves
  • Teach children to relax themselves with special kid-friendly techniques
  • Specifically designed kids' worry-release techniques
  • How to teach kids mindfulness in the classroom
  • Classroom Management techniques for the new teacher
  • and MORE!


When can I start? Start your instruction today! Online Classes start anytime. You will receive your PDF manuals, online audios, lesson plans; plus your CDs and beginner's props shipped to your home. You can begin as soon as you receive your manual and access to your private teacher's training.  

Length of the Course: You have up to six months to finish the course. You may ask for an extension if needed but it’s usually unnecessary. The course can be finished in as little in 4 weeks for the motivated teacher.   


How do I start actually teaching? In your manual there is a full outline of suggested start up practices that will guide you through what can be done in setting up your business. This will guide you in establishing your new business or adding Kids’ Relaxation Classes to your current offerings.

Do kids really SIT for relaxing and guided imagery? Usually they lie down, and they love it! We teach you to alternate play time with quiet time, so teaching relaxation follows the natural ebb and flow of the day. Children will not sit for long periods of time and we don't expect them too. Life skills are taught in bite-sized lessons and lots of fun in added in the mix to keep kids wanting to come back for more!

Do I need special qualifications? No. You just need to really love kids and have an open heart! Ideally, you have some experience in using guided imagery and/or meditation and working with kids. My guess is that's what brought you here.  I will teach you how to use your voice for relaxation and the training lays out everything for you. No worrying about lesson plans or what to do next with the kids. Our training doesn't leave you guessing. Teaching adults is different from teaching children. But we'll give you the tools to feel confident in teaching in the classroom. 

How do I enroll? Email for an informational packet which contains additional information and an enrollment form.

What is the tuition? Tuition is currently $250 USD. Tuition can be divided up into three payments over three months, plus actual shipping.

What is my actual certification? Certified Children's Relaxation Teacher. You can use CCRT behind your name.

Feedback about the Program:

"The ShambalaKids Relaxation Training is an amazing program.  The first of it’s kind in the United States, it prepares you and gives you all the necessary tools to teach Relaxation Classes to children. Mellisa Dormoy has done a wonderful job preparing the training manual, curriculum and guided meditation Cd's to start and grow your Kids' Relaxation classes.  I cannot stress enough how important this is to our children and communities.  The Kids' Relax classes teach children about stress management, relaxation and breathing techniques, self-esteem, self-confidence, positive thinking skills, visualization and more.  I can only start to imagine the BIG impact this program is going to have on children and their emotional health, when they learn all of these techniques.  Invaluable!!"
Kristi Raisch, CHHC
Holistic Health Coach
Certified 2013

"I have throughly enjoyed studying your children's relaxation training.  The material you presented is thoughtfully constructed and assembled with love.  It is a quality program and I am so happy that I found it.  I feel it is a gift that you have given to the children of the world." - Peggy Gaines, RN, BSN  - Certified 2013

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