Children's Meditation & Relaxation eScript Book

Creative, effective and full of childhood imagination, the scripts contained within this specially-crafted children's relaxation script book will help children release fears, stress and worry, build self esteem, stop bullying, achieve their goals and much more!

Whether you are just starting out teaching meditation to your own children, want to introduce meditation into your classroom or are a seasoned professional looking for new inspiration, this script book will guide you easily and effortlessly to your goal of sharing meditation and guided imagery with children!

Help your children or students deal with peer pressure, relieve stress, increase self-esteem, believe in thier possibilities, achieve goals, dig deeply into inner strength, fill their heart with love and forgiveness, deal with difficulties at school or at home, learn deep breathing for stress relief, be a role model for others, let go of excess energy during school and study time, melt away tension, progressive relaxation, relieve anxiety, learn how to meditate and MORE! Your children and students will love these fun and relaxing guided imagery meditations.

34 Pages - includes 30 Kids Meditation Scripts
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Relaxation Exercise

Walking by the Lake 

Quick Island Get Away

Stone Path 

Enchanted Forest 

Climbing the Mountain of Success
Inner Strength/treasure Chest 

Rainbow Colors

Happy Heart Meditation

Breathing for Stress Elimination

I am a Hero

Someone Else’s Shoes
Big Belly Breath

Feel the Energy of an Oak Tree

Melting Ice Cube Relaxation

Rain Shower of Light

Floating Away

Wave of Relaxation
Deep Breathing

Magic Carpet Ride

Peaceful Kids Meditation
Cozy Castle

ABC Meditation

Soaring up High 


Inner Listening

Breathing Away Stress

Bubble worry blower

Melting Away Tension

Ragdoll Relaxation

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