Quotes I am very grateful to have found this wonderful resource. I am an elementary school speech-language therapist and use Shambala Kids CD's at school about once a week with some of my students who have emotional regulation challenges. I also lead a "Peace Project" group for my bullying prevention program ([...])at the school and we have used this CD on occasion to talk about how our thoughts and feelings affect one another and discuss how using relaxation or meditation can be a useful tool when stressed out. We love the talk about sending the "big bubble of love" to those in need!!! I get asked almost daily if we can "do relaxation"! I love Mellisa's soothing voice and lovely comments filled with positivity. I love the concept of re-creating what's on the imagery screen. I highly recommend this to parents and classroom teachers. Quotes
Dee DiGioia
wonderful Teacher Resource

Quotes The moment we tried Shambalakids meditations, they became our favorite parenting tool! We bought the full CD set (years ago) and popped in "One with the Universe" to help our son calm down before bed. The next night, he asked for it again, and so the ritual began. Today, he loves listening to "Calm and Clarity" before school starts and I'm so grateful for it! If he were he in traditional school, I'm positive he'd be labeled ADHD or at least 'hyperactive'. After a meditation, he sits down, focuses, asks questions, and completes his work-- No fuss. No arguing! Quotes
ADHD Calm and Clarity Audio

Quotes I got this for my daughter when she was 6 years old to help her decompress at night and relax and sleep well. Melissa has such a calming voice and my daughter really enjoyed the dolphin adventure and was able to relax very quickly. We now also have the teen relaxation and both of my kids listen to in order to help center and calm their busy minds. Thank you Shambalakids for these wonderful resources... I highly recommend! Great customer service as well!! Quotes
"Decompress at night, relax and sleep well..."

Quotes My sons are already 16 and 14 years of age. Thought you might like to know, this is the third day we've been using the meditation CD and I can see a big difference in my elder son already! He has anger management issues. Will keep you updated of his progress. Quotes
Ms. Helen Wong
Teen anger improved after 3 days

Quotes I use all your cd's I purchased with my grandchildren (3 & 4 yrs) when its bed time. I also use them myself at times. You have put together a great product. Many thanks! Kind regards Quotes
Debbie Spruce
My grandchildren ages 3 and 4 use the Cds!

Quotes Hi Mellisa. Just wanted you to know that the cd's are working out absolutely amazingly. They rotate getting a turn to pick the meditation of their choice once they are ready for bed and they all love snuggling in and relaxing with your cd's. Funny enough, my little guy who has difficulty with focus and concentration honestly picks out the cd for kids who need a little help to slow down. I've never told him that is what the cd is designed for and he can't read very well. So that cd genuinely speaks to him and he finds it very soothing. They have helped my three little angels immensely and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! Quotes
Rachel R.
heartfelt thanks for the CDs

Quotes I just listen with my almost 10 year old to ShambalaKid - One with the Universe Kids Meditation CD. AMAZING!!!!!! She was upset that I turned it off, so she could go to sleep. I promised her that we would listen to it again tomorrow morning. THANK YOU so much! It is just what we BOTH needed! Beautiful, relaxing, compassionate, peaceful, full of love...meditation CD. Quotes
J. Clarke
highly recommends

Quotes I just want to tell you the awesome news! Tonight I played your cd (and later) came in to turn the player off. My child who usually wants nothing to do with me talking positive says I drive them nuts when I say things like "have a great day", "remember school is fun", and "school is easy." This child says to me "Can I listen to that CD again?". Really! How happy I was to hear this. You are making a breakthrough and I have been trying on my own to change things here. In such a short time you have made a break through. Thank you so very much for making such a positive impact on my child's life. You are amazing! Ever thought about doing seminars in schools talking in church's to help more family's. I definitely will be talking about you! Quotes
L. Nelson
Positive mom's breakthrough

Quotes I ordered this CD for my teen who was starting high school. Although a straight A student in middle school, he was flunking math and science the first few weeks in high school due to extreme stress, pressure to get good grades and overwhelming test anxiety. After we received the CD, he was skeptical at first, but gave it a try anyway.He listened to it every night for about a week, then intermittently. Within a week, his anxiety was manageable, and he began to relax, and feel better about the stress. There were talks with teachers in between, a lot of math tutoring from dad, and long talks between us as well, but I feel the CD was instrumental in having him believe that it was possible to manage his test anxiety and stress. This belief opened his mind to listening to his teachers and parents, and consequently, he is back to straight As in high school. I also listened to this CD myself, and it's my go-to tool for meditation and relaxation when life gets too hectic and stressful. Quotes
Julia B.
Stress Management for Teens and Adults

Quotes My daughter is 16 years old and in high school - these days it is very stressful. When we first tried this Stress Management for Teens Cd I thought well we will see how it goes. She loves them. The Cd really helps her to relax and calm down after a very stressful day at school. I am so happy that we got this cd. It has helped my daughter more then I could ever tell you. I am very pleased and happy with the outcome. Quotes
Becky G.
High School Stress
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