The Natural Solution for ADHD in Children

The Natural Solution for ADHD in Children

Helping ADHD Kids - The Easy Way,   ages 6 and up

Radical transformation in 15 days; at home, in school, for life!


Your child has ADHD and you may be asking yourself - what can I do? How can I help? Are there natural solutions?  Having ADHD can interfere with home relationships, school work, social interactions, outings and can make trying to fit in challenging for your child.



By tapping into the power of your child's brilliant busy mind, you can help him restore his confidence in himself. You can help improve grades, focus and concentrate, read social cues better, make friends easier, be more coordinated, follow directions well, pay attention in the classroom and learn how to be calm and relaxed without tears (from your child OR you!) Seriously.

  ADHD children have loads of energy and a very special perspective on the world. Their brains work fast (you already know that). Sometimes it's like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. It's not easy... right? But by using this program, your child will easily learn how to channel all that abundant energy, erase negative things he has heard about himself and become more positive and happy while creating lasting positive change. Give it 15 days. You will see radical change!

  In your package for ages 6 and up, you'll receive 10 different Mp3 guided meditations for your child and one 'Parenting ADHD - You Can Relax Now Audio Meditation' just for you! That's 11 in total. Your program also includes a workbook that completely walks you through the program step-by-step. You'll know exactly which session to use and how long to use it. You'll also have the opportunity to enter your child's progress in your journal and your own thoughts as well. Are you excited? I'm excited!

   Here's what your package includes:

 1. It's Good to be Me! (Self esteem for ADHD Kids) - helps ADHD kids sleep soundly every night. Allows them to erase negative programming and negative self talk, then replace it with positive self talk, acknowledging their strengths and skills. Kids will feel their true value and start feeling unique and special. 

2. Superhero Anger Management - Learn simple, fun anger management techniques and be the Superhero you really are! This audio teaches all the methods to calm the anger. Wonderful session you and your child will love. 

3. Wiggle Buster: Help for ADHD in the Classroom. Wiggle Buster saves the day! Kids learn how to channel their extra energy in the classroom with real, concrete things to do that the teacher will never notice! Our kids get tired of sitting and feel the need to move. Here's the remedy. You will be amazed!

4. Train My BRAIN CD (Academic Excellence for ADHD) - Helps your child excel at school! Teaches focus, concentration, organizations skills, remembering homework and attention to details. Help your ADHD child improve grades by learning what a super computer the brain is. Your child will learn to take perfect notes, be organized and write neatly!

5. Amazing Super-powered Study Habits  - Turbo-charged study habits for ADHDers - homework will never be the same! Teaches focus, concentration, neatness and organization. Help your ADHD child with homework - make it easy!

6 & 7. Calm & Clarity: Focus and Concentration for ADHD - One of our best sellers included with this package! Addresses the mind, body and spirit. 

8. Magical Forest Affirmations (Self Esteem Affirmations) - ADHD kids have often been told "NO! Stop! Don't!" They know these words by heart. They can seriously benefit from ADHD positive affirmations custom made just for them. Affirmations are feel-good candy for the mind! They treat your child's mind and creativity to fun and healthy positive talk.  

9. ADHD Before School Affirmations - in the car or quietly on the MP3 player, prepare your student for a FANTASTIC day: relaxed, focused and in control!

10. ABC Meditation for Kids- A superb and easy way to teach meditation to any child! ABC meditation is a fun acronym for 3 easy steps to meditating. After this session, your child will remember how to easily get calm and relaxed and go straight to the 'inner calm' whenever he or she wants! You'll be seriously impressed and your child will love how easy it is.

11. ADHD Parenting -You can Relax Now: especially made for moms and dads. This is like a Spa treatment for your mind. Listening to the CD at night will give you the total relaxation and rejuvenation that every ADHD parent needs so very much. 

Bonus: The Natural Solution to ADHD Parenting Booklet - this handy workbook guides you the whole way through the program with encouragement and love. It is easy to follow and lets you track changes and progress. 

        That's 11 amazing MP3 meditation sessions, 10 for your child and 1 for you and The Natural Solution for ADHD parent's guide to help you along through this incredible program. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to family harmony!


This is different from other types of meditation! How? This program includes guided meditation. Your child will have a focus for his attention. I do not ask children to quiet the mind. That is way too difficult for most children.  Rather, children concentrate on my relaxing and caring voice, the guided imagery and the soft background music. It's all there and it's enjoyable for your child. The busy mind has something to do while the subconscious listens to the positive messages and learns new responses, attitudes and behavior.


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If you don't help him, who will? You're not willing to allow your child to fail and neither are we. This program addresses all the needs of our ADHD children so they can sleep well, feel good about themselves, and do fantastic in school and the social environment. One of the greatest challenges of parenting ADHD children is not allowing them to end up feeling like outcasts but helping them value themselves and use their amazing gifts. By giving them the tools that they will learn in this program, you will equip your child to stand strong, feel good and achieve their dreams.

  This program can be used in conjunction with medication. If you're looking for a natural alternative for ADHD that works - this is it!

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ADHD testimonial:

Mellisa has created such beauty in these meditations, she is unbelievably talented. All 3 of my children listen to her every night!! My oldest really struggles with focusing in school, these CDs have helped her so much!! I HIGHLY recommend any of these beautiful CDs, they really are amazing!!! - Cassie P.

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